Synthetic Grass for Sports Facilities in Perth

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Synthetic Grass for Sports Facilities in Perth

Are you in Perth and looking to add value and beauty to your sports facility? Our durable, premium quality, Australian-made synthetic grass will benefit you, your business, and your clients.

So why use synthetic grass in sports facilities?

There are many reasons to use synthetic grass in sports facilities. Perhaps the most important reason is that it provides a safe playing surface for athletes & because it’s durable, you can rest assured it will last for many years.

Synthetic grass is designed to withstand heavy usage and provide a consistent playing surface. This is especially important for contact sports like football, tennis and rugby, where players constantly run, jump, and slide across the field.

Another reason to use synthetic grass in sports facilities is that it requires very little maintenance. Unlike natural grass, which needs to be mowed, watered, and fertilised regularly, synthetic grass only needs to be brushed or swept occasionally to keep it looking its best. This can save a lot of time and money for facility managers.

Lastly, synthetic grass can be used to create unique and interesting designs on sports fields. This is often done for branding, as teams and schools want their fields to stand out. Synthetic grass can be cut into any shape or design, making it possible to create logos or other graphics on the field. This can give a sports facility a very professional look.

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Australian Artificial Grass consists of a team of professionals specialising in supplying and installing synthetic sports grass in Perth. With over 10 years of industry experience, you’ll have peace of mind engaging with our professional services.

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I had Lucky and his team out to do my front lawn, very happy with service , price and timing. Great guys with good sense of humor. Highly recommend. Thank you for doing a fantastic job

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Australian Artificial Grass removed the mulch and plants we had & replaced it with artificial lawn, they completed the job in just a few hours, it looks fantastic! We now have a back garden we can actually use and enjoy, thank you so much!

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Common Questions About Synthetic Sports Grass

Synthetic sports grass is also known as artificial turf, fake turf, synthetic turf, or artificial grass. It is a surface made from synthetic materials, typically polyethylene or nylon, that looks like natural grass. It is most often used in sports arenas and fields where natural grass cannot grow or is challenging to maintain.
Tufting yarns make synthetic sports grass into a backing material. The yarns are then coated with latex or urethane to hold them in place and add durability.
There are several key differences between synthetic sports grass and natural grass. Synthetic grass is more durable and requires less maintenance than natural grass.

It also has a more consistent playing surface, which can be important for sports applications. However, some people may prefer the look and feel of natural grass.

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Aesthetics
  • Long-lasting
  • It feels and looks like natural grass
  • Plushy & Safe for kids, pets and the environment
  • Low maintenance
  • It saves you money on watering, mowing, fertilising & wedding
  • It offers a more consistent playing surface
  • Resistant to heavy foot traffic, wear and tear
  • Looks great on any sports application
There are many places where synthetic sports grass can be used. It is often used in playgrounds, parks, sports facilities, sporting surfaces, government councils, public spaces, private gardens, balconies, office buildings and most commercial spaces.